– A giant triptych, and the three images.


We’ve mangled the planet; ravaged resources, made plants and animals extinct, and messed up the climate. We are doomed as a result, unless we miraculously change our ways. Our species’ survival is marred by magical thinking, economic and political misdirection, and both lazy and deliberate ignorance. We are locked into a labyrinth of uncertainty about our future. We are not certain of what the exit from assured doom looks like, where it may be, or even if there is one.

My image, responding to thoughts of the Anthropocene, was constructed from a single photo I took of gnarled bushes and poplar trees on the bank of a Fraser River delta. It was a cold, sunny, winter day. The riverbank built from construction waste, grown over by nature. Using the free software, I stripped my original photo of colour, and constructed this image by chopping out rectangular building blocks and slicing out semi-organic shapes. It is built with some 90 layers that frequently shifted position, and had many digital darkroom processes applied. Ultimately my image fell apart and was completely rebuilt numerous times before completion.

My proposed ideal size for this piece is to completely fill the viewer’s eyes, at a scale that is unavoidably confrontational. A dark and foreboding image that instills unease and motivates change. Will people move away and hide from the issue, or stand before it considering the future implied and act accordingly?